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TMNT SecretSanta - The Perfect Gift (Leo/Don)
It was the evening of Christmas Eve in New York City and while the humans prepared everything for the events on the following day and headed to bed the four mutant turtles in the sewers were already in the midst of celebrating.
Being used to living a mostly nocturnal life to avoid the people above, the four brothers and their father had developed the tradition of having Christmas on the night from the 24th to the 25th with a nice Christmas dinner - that mostly consisted of pizza – in the early evening followed by games and stories until shortly after midnight, when they’d exchange and open their Christmas presents.
This year’s Christmas was no different, save for one exception: It was the first Christmas after Leonardo and Donatello admitted their feelings for each other in front of their family and officially became a pair.
Shortly before midnight, when the mutant family was already done playing games and telling stories, three out of the four brothers kept themselve
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Okay so, you guys wouldn't believe this but I actually talked to Shane Acker about the "9" sequel. And if you guys don't believe me, I HAVE PROOF.Kofuku Ebisu (Fangirling) [V1] 
(Black square is mine, green square is Shane Acker's)

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[Closed] Pixel Art Raffle
Over 130 entries & 40 people joining !

I'm also hosting an Art Raffle to help promote my contest ;w;//
Check it out if you'd like !!

There will be Three Winners!

What are the Prizes?
- You can choose between 2 kinds of Pixels!
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1 RPG Dialogue Scene
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[12,000+ Points] Draw/Design My OC Contest!
--=[ Human/Feral options!! ]=--
(( If you're too lazy to read everything, there's a TL;DR by the side, I promise you though that reading will help you a Lot but its up to you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ))
2/17/18 Update:
there's gonna be 6 runner ups now !! (500Points to each) nice !!!!
ALSo maybe considering separating the design part of the contest ?? there's more submission for draw him than design ; ; (like, just extending the design deadline)
Heya! It's been on my mind and a goal of mine to host a contest, and this is my first time so I hope it goes well & actually get a decent number of entries :') 
crossing my fingers hoping this won't flop bec I saved up so much (or nOt enOUgH)
There are two categories to this contest, Draw & Design, you can enter both! :]
Not sure how this will end up but leesszzgooo
Additional Prizes:
• My Love & Appreciation
• Colored Fullbody ⇢ 
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Tagged by :iconqueenstorm:

Decided to do everyone from my poll in the order of votes
Shifter  Shifter Ref Sheet by MetaLatias5
Victor  The Torturer Ref Sheet by MetaLatias5
Chorea  Dr. Chorea Huntington Ref Sheet by MetaLatias5
Kal  Kalar Condar ref sheet by MetaLatias5
X - to rape us by MetaLatias5
12  12 - To Entertain Us by MetaLatias5

1. What's your OC's favorite color?:
Shifter: any type of green
Victor: blood red
Chorea: calm blue
Kal: poison green
X: soul green
12: everything bright and colorful

2. Where does your OC work?:
Shifter: doesn't work, roams free through New York
Victor: in an underground tunnel system filled with dark cells, labs and torture chambers, namely in the torture chambers
Chorea: in an underground tunnel system filled with dark cells, labs and torture chambers, namely in the labs
Kal: plotting in the Wetlands outside of Halloween Town
X: at the Factory, but only when forced to by his evil creator
12: he doesn't work, he just plays around in the Library

3. What's your OC's favorite food?:
Shifter: pigeons
Victor: meat (raw and bloody, dried or pickled)
Chorea: Schnitzel with potato salad
Kal: fish, octopus, jellyfish
X: nothing (stitchpunks don't eat)
12: nothing (stitchpunks don't eat)

4. Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?:
Shifter: paper
Victor: plastic
Chorea: indecisive
Kal: brings his own bag
X: plastic
12: he'll take both and rip it into confetti

5. How old is your OC?:
Shifter: adult (about 2 years)
Victor: 36 (by the time he has his son)
Chorea: 42 (by the time he has his daughter)
Kal: adult (exact years unknown)
X: adult
12: body=adult, mental age ranges between that of a human 4 - 12 year old

6. Does your OC have supernatural powers?:
Shifter: camouflage, shapeshifting, amazing climbing abilities, super elastic tongue
Victor: healing and revival powers (both towards himself and anyone he touches), super strength and reflexes
Chorea: automatic dodging that ties in with his disease
Kal: self-healing to the point of growing back limbs, self-revival, hypnotic eyes
X: BCD (Brain Control Device) giving him incredible strength and speed whenever it activates
12: super naivity

7. Is your OC in a relationship?:
Shifter: no
Victor: sorta
Chorea: yes (but he often doesn't remember it)
Kal: no
X: yes
12: no

8. What are some of your OC's strengths?:
Shifter: impersonation, hiding, catching things/people with his tongue, climbing
Victor: overpowering and kidnapping people, (medieval) torture, seeing pain as fun
Chorea: forgetting everything, medicine and science, some technical knowledge
Kal: assassination, not caring about others, cooking (at least in his own eyes)
X: fighting, soulbonding, chasing after people (especially PB and EB)
12: ignoring danger, having fun

9. What are some of your OC's weaknesses?:
Shifter: his eyes give him away if he changes into someone else, can't stand cold temperatures
Victor: gets whiny with blood in his face, can be fooled big time if done right, pretty much dead without his powers
Chorea: his disease causing him to forget everything, lose control over his body and slowly die
Kal: fear of cats
X: his loved ones (niece, wife, children)
12: too naive for his own good

10. What is your OC's favorite Outfit?:
Shifter: his original form (mutant chameleon)
Victor: a pair of black comfy pants with black gloves and black boots and a long brown apron
Chorea: his blue shirt and labcoat, doesn't really care which pants and shoes he's wearing though as long as it's not sweatpants and crocs
Kal: he doesn't do outfits unless they're disguises with a purpose
X: his original design
12: his hat

11. What is your OC's spirit animal?:
Shifter: uhm... chameleon? XD
Victor: NightmareKitty
Chorea: goldfish
Kal: snake
X: wolverine (Q:"animal or X Man?" A:".. both")
12: monkey

12. Is your OC sexually active?:
Shifter: no
Victor: not since Vivi was made
Chorea: hardly
Kal: no
X: very
12: never

13. What is your OC's earliest memory?:
Shifter: being fed locusts by his owner back when he still lived as a normal chameleon in a terrarium
Victor: playing knights and castles as a little kid and fighting a plushie dragon with a kitchen knife as sword
Chorea: breakfast- oh wait... nope
Kal: hatching on a beach
X: being activated by 10
12: jumping across the library

14. Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?:
Shifter: no phone
Victor: they only have a video calling system throughout their tunnels
Chorea: they only have a video calling system throughout their tunnels
Kal: no phone
X: no phone
12: just shouts as loud as he can

15. What makes your OC angry?:
Shifter: being captured or hurt
Victor: spoilsports ruining his fun, people trying to get into his psyche and asking about his parents
Chorea: his own bad memory
Kal: the fact that he was banished while Jack became Pumpkin King
X: people threatening his family or flirting with his wife/children
12: people pulling at his head (though it's usually more whiny and upset than angry)

16. When is your OC's favorite time of the year?:
Shifter: summer
Victor: Halloween, because of all the interesting costumes and the (albeit fake) bloody props and decorations
Chorea: winter
Kal: Halloween
X: doesn't really have one
12: carneval

17. How long can your OC hold their breath?:
Shifter: about two minutes
Victor: almost two minutes
Chorea: not even a full minute
Kal: about 10 minutes, but usually doesn't have to since he can breathe underwater
X: doesn't breathe
12: doesn't breathe

18. What kind of underwear does your OC wear?:
Shifter: none
Victor: none
Chorea: slip
Kal: none
X: none
12: none

19. Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?:
Shifter: polka dots are easier to copy, but he likes both
Victor: both
Chorea: plaid
Kal: neither
X: plaid
12: polka dots

20. What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?:
Shifter: all
Victor: all meat
Chorea: with peperoni and mushrooms
Kal: fish pizza
X: no food
12: no food

21. Who is/are your OC's best friend(s)?:
Shifter: the TMNT
Victor: Chorea, Vicky, Adrea, NightmareKitty, Vivi, Medi (?)
Chorea: Adrea, Medi, Victor, Vicky, NightmareKitty
Kal: Oogie Boogie
X: the library punks
12: everyone, even if they try to kill him

22. Has your OC ever killed someone?:
Shifter: not unless you count small animals like pigeons, rats and squirrels
Victor: uncountable times, many people even several times in a row
Chorea: a bunch of people, though only on accident
Kal: yes, one of them being Jack's father
X: oh yeah, mainly Jerome
12: nope

23. What's your OC's biggest secret?:
Shifter: his hiding place for the winter
Victor: his current location, second biggest would be his past
Chorea: his past, since he can't remember it himself
Kal: his next plot for taking over Halloween Town
X: the fact that he misses his old sex life from time to time
12: what he's gonna do next

24. What does your OC smell like?:
Shifter: scales, feathers and smog
Victor: blood and sweat
Chorea: blood, chemicals or sweat depending on what he's been doing and for how long he's been forgetting to take a shower
Kal: swamp
X: dirt and oil
12: dirt and rubber (although there's no rubber in him?? somehow??)

25. What time of the year does your OC prefer?: (wasn't this already question 16??)
Shifter: summer
Victor: Halloween
Chorea: winter
Kal: Halloween
X: no preferences
12: carneval

26. Is your OC a human or an animal?:
Shifter: mutant animal
Victor: superpowered human
Chorea: human
Kal: monster, Octaconda (= octopus-anaconda)
X: stitchpunk
12: stitchpunk

27. What languages does your OC speak?:
Shifter: english, animal
Victor: english
Chorea: austrian, german, english
Kal: english, latin
X: english
12: english, gibberish

28. Does your OC like anime?:
Shifter: doesn't know anime
Victor: doesn't know anime and that's good, never show him, he'll only get new torture ideas
Chorea: forgot what little he knew of anime, never was into it though
Kal: doesn't know anime
X: doesn't know anime
12: has seen some mangas, but never really read them, only looked at the pictures

29. Can your OC swim?:
Shifter: yes
Victor: yes
Chorea: yes
Kal: very well
X: yes
12: sometimes

30. What song(s) fits them the best?: 
Shifter: Chameleon - Herbie Hancock

Victor: Ingenious Forms Of Torture - Rufus Rex 

Chorea: Personal Demons - Rufus Rex

Kal: Inside Your Brain - Blake Robinson

X: Demons - Imagine Dragons

12: Die Narrenkappe - Knorkator (though 12 is much tamer in his language than this XD)

31. Does your OC believe in fairies?:
Shifter: has never thought about it, but would just wonder if they taste good
Victor: yeah
Chorea: no, but he's seen weirder shit so he wouldn't be surprised if he saw one
Kal: yeah
X: no
12: he believes in everything

32. Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?:
Shifter: no
Victor: no
Chorea: studied medicine
Kal: no
X: no
12: no

33. Are your OC's parents dead?:
Shifter: probably
Victor: definitely
Chorea: possibly, he has no idea since he hasn't had any contact with them in ages and forgot his own name and everything so he wouldn't be able to get in contact anymore
Kal: never knew his parents, as it's usual for Octacondas
X: his "parent" 10 is still alive
12: his creators are still alive

34. Is your OC religious?:
Shifter: no
Victor: kinda? but, not really? more as in, he likes to think it's true and uses jokes like calling his powers "jesus-magic", but he isn't afraid of god or hell or anything and doesn't care whether dead people even get to heaven or hell or just disappear, death's just a game to him
Chorea: no, he's an atheist
Kal: no
X: no
12: doesn't know or get religion

35. How flexible is your OC?:
Shifter: almost as flexible as a snake, even just as flexible if he turns into one
Victor: pretty flexible, he doesn't mind breaking his bones or to dislocate a joint for more flexibility
Chorea: as flexible as a normal person, save for some more extreme limb-jerks maybe
Kal: as flexible as a snake, even more flexible tentacle-arms
X: as flexible as a CatBeast
12: as flexible as a ragdoll

36. What turns your OC on?:
Shifter: a female ready for mating
Victor: in a sexual matter, nothing really
Chorea: on rare occassions, when Adrea flirts with him suggestively
Kal: nothing
X: pretty much anything remotely suggestive or just the mention of soulbonding or the glow of a soul
12: nothing

37. What was your OC's first word?:
Shifter: "Huh?"
Victor: "Daaf!"
Chorea: "Ma"
Kal: *hissing noise*
X: "Fuck" (probably)

38. Does your OC have any pets?:
Shifter: no, he used to be a pet himself
Victor: NightmareKitty
Chorea: no
Kal: no
X: no
12: no

39. Who is your OC's biggest enemy?:
Shifter: the Foot Clan
Victor: any police and superheroes
Chorea: the police
Kal: Jack Skellington
X: 10, also Jerome, I guess
12: no one

40. What is the craziest thing your OC has done?:
Shifter: trying to eat Donatello
Victor: ... everything?
Chorea: anything that his disease made him do
Kal: regularly cooking and eating his own tentacles which then grow back
X: willingly given up his free will to 10, because his niece was angry at him (he would've been able to keep his free will if he'd agreed to raping someone, but the suggestion alone made his niece angry)
12: jumped off the watchtower

41. What is your OC's motto about life?:
Shifter: live life free
Victor: life, death and pain are fun to play with
Chorea: Find. The. CURE!
Kal: Life's cruel, so you should be too
X: if anyone fucks with my family, I'm gonna fuck them dead

42. Does your OC drink coffee or tea?:
Shifter: water
Victor: blood
Chorea: coffee
Kal: tea
X: nothing
12: nothing

43. Who is your OCs biggest hero?:
Shifter: the TMNT
Victor: Vlad the Impaler, he doesn't really know anything about him besides the impaling stuff and the fact that he's Dracula, but he loves those parts enough
Chorea: whoever's gonna find the cure for HD
Kal: no one
X: Hope
12: 17, "cause she can fly like a superhero"

44. What eye color does your OC have?:
Shifter: white
Victor: green
Chorea: blue-green
Kal: yellow
X: red
12: black

45. Does your OC like reading?:
Shifter: not particularly
Victor: no, he thinks it's boring... unless it's about torture techniques and has pictures
Chorea: as long as he can keep his mind on it, yeah
Kal: sometimes, yeah
X: not usually, but on rare occassions he'll actually find something interesting in the Library and have the time to read a few paragraphs before he has to chase after PB and his kids again
12: no, it's boring, he needs pictures!

46. Is your OC loyal?:
Shifter: rather, yes
Victor: only to himself
Chorea: he would be if it weren't for his memory
Kal: only to himself ... and to Oogie Boogie if it doesn't inconvenience him too much
X: he tries to be
12: yes, but.. to everyone

47. Does your OC tolerate violence?:
Shifter: with limits, yeah
Victor: he loves violence
Chorea: for the most part, he has to while living with Victor
Kal: yeah
X: only if he's the one handing it out against people like 10, EB or Jerome
12: he doesn't know the difference between actual violence and play-fighting

48. What social class is your OC from?:
Shifter: outside of social classes
Victor: outside of social classes
Chorea: outside of social classes, used to be middle class
Kal: outcast from society
X: renowned badguy
12: forever child

49. What country was your OC born in?:
Shifter: America
Victor: America
Chorea: Austria
Kal: Halloween World
X: Germany/France (depends on where you picture the movie 9 playing, most say either Germany or France)
12: Germany/France (depends on where you picture the movie 9 playing, most say either Germany or France)

50. Does your OC cry easily?:
Shifter: no
Victor: he hasn't cried in ages
Chorea: sometimes, though it's more likely that his emotions shut off completely and leave him an empty husk
Kal: no
X: not easily, but he does cry if he loses someone close to him
12: usually not, but if he does start crying for real he won't stop for between 1 - 20 minutes

51. What is your OCs favorite genre of music?:
Shifter: calm and natural tunes, something to relax and watch birds to (and snack birds)
Victor: anything catchy, he'll whistle random tunes while torturing, including stuff like kids rhymes or christmas songs, etc
Chorea: classic and rock
Kal: Metal, he finds it calming
X: rock and pop
12: anything that sounds fun and upbeat

52. How does your OC feel about insects?:
Shifter: they're tasty, but too small
Victor: some make for great torture tools
Chorea: annoying pests
Kal: tasty
X: only knows the BugBeasts, finds them annoying
12: doesn't know any insects

53. What is your OC's sexual orientation?:
Shifter: bisexual
Victor: aro ace
Chorea: straight
Kal: aro hetero
X: pan
12: aro ace

54. Does your OC smoke?:
Shifter: no
Victor: no
Chorea: almost started once, but stopped after two cigarettes already
Kal: no
X: no
12: no

55. What gender is your OC?:
Shifter: male
Victor: male
Chorea: male
Kal: male
X: male
12: male

56. What kind of clothes does your OC wear?:
Shifter: none
Victor: a pair of black comfy pants with black gloves and black boots and a long brown apron
Chorea: a pair of brown panst and black shoes, dark blue t-shirt and a white lab-coat
Kal: none
X: none
12: none (his hat is part of his head and actually protects some lose wires hanging out of his head)

57. Would you call your OC adventurous?: 
Shifter: not very, not more than a curious kitty
Victor: kinda, yeah
Chorea: no, he doesn't have any time or life to spare for anything other than trying to find his cure
Kal: kinda, but not just for the sake of adventure or anything, there should be something to gain for him
X: chasing after his niece is already enough adventure
12: definitely

58. Is your OC introverted or extroverted?:
Shifter: introverted
Victor: extroverted
Chorea: introverted
Kal: introverted
X: extroverted
12: extroverted

59. What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?:
Shifter: his body, obviously, unless he's impersonating someone, then his eyes
Victor: the fact that he's just skin and bones
Chorea: the dead look and scar in his face
Kal: the fact that he's a snake with a beak and tentacles
X: the red triangular eyes
12: the upbeat behavior and green hat with a bell

60. Does your OC enjoy nature?:
Shifter: definitely
Victor: rarely, it's too calm and boring
Chorea: he would if he had time for it
Kal: somewhat, yeah
X: not much to enojy in the emptiness
12: yeah, especially if there's stuff to climb

61. What does their voice sound like?:
Shifter: just like whoever he turns into, his original voice is rarely heard and will usually sound like he's going through several different voices
Victor: like Jim Carrey as The Mask
Chorea: Christoph Waltz

Kal: Prince Charmless (The Secret Of Anastasia)

X: Joel from Last Of Us

12: Rob Paulson as Pinky

Got tagged, which OC should I use for this?… 

15 deviants said Shifter Shifter Ref Sheet by MetaLatias5
7 deviants said Victor Manson aka the Torturer The Torturer Ref Sheet by MetaLatias5
4 deviants said Dr. Chorea Huntington Dr. Chorea Huntington Ref Sheet by MetaLatias5
4 deviants said Kalar Condar Kalar Condar ref sheet by MetaLatias5
3 deviants said X X - to rape us by MetaLatias5
3 deviants said 12 12 - To Entertain Us by MetaLatias5
2 deviants said other suggestion (comment which OC- or which several OCs you'd like me to use for this)


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